Barcelona Beach Girls


     The final guide to Barcelona's Beach Girls

One of the things that make Barcelona such an incredible city is the amazing mediterranean beach, where anyone can sunbath at least 6 months of the year - and by anyone I mean an very self selected crowd. Anyone that walked on the Passeig Maritim (long walk along the beach), knows the type of crowd I'm talking about.

Although the best is one of the best spots to hang out during the day and meet people, not all of Barcelona's beaches were created equal and along the 5km of sand you will find slightly different urban tribes. Here's the final guide to all you need to know about Barcelona beach girls:

Barceloneta beach

This is the closest beach to the center, which means the population will be 100% foreign, typically the weekend trip type of girls that decided to take a swim between shopping and partying. If you're not visiting Barcelona during the extended summer (from May to September), this will be the best option for a crowded beach - no Spanish girl will sunbath in November, but Swedish girls seem perfectly happy in the sand.

Nova Icária Beach

Lovers of beach sports and where the tourists meet the locals. This is one of the most balanced beaches in Barcelona, with equal parts Spanish and foreign girls. If you're coming from the center you'll see the volleyball nets that attract the sports crowd. If you continue walking you'll reach some of the mainstream beach chiringuitos, playing commercial music and trying to keep a family friendly vibe. If none of the other beaches suits you, you'll probably feel at home here. 

Bogatell Beach

Italians, electronic music party crowd and some Ibiza lost souls. Here you'll find speedos, silicone and giant sunglasses - topless is a must, I challenge you to find a girl with her bikini top on this stretch of sand. The bar from Bogatell beach brings some good DJs in summer and after 7pm the impossibly packed beach turns into a spontaneous open air club. If you electro and fun lovin' girls is your scene, this is the place for you.

Mar Bella Beach

This is where things get crazy. Mar Bella beach used to be furthest beach from the center and the wildest one. Nowadays there are beaches after Mar Bella, but old habits are hard to lose. The first third of the beach is actually a nudist beach, it gets packed in summer with a strange mix of gay guys and hippy chicks. The second third is a lesbian beach, 80% of the population is female but couldn't care less about you or your dick. The last third is populated by Spanish free spirits, almost no tourist reaches this far. If you like Spanish girls this is probably the best option, since they are usually friendly and you are probably exotic around these sands.

These are the main Barcelona beaches. There are others that are too boring (not enough character) to be mentioned, but if you happen to stay in a hotel close to any of them, just message me and I will you share some extra tips with you.

Enjoy the sun!

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Hi luke,
I'm 18 and going to be in Barcelona for 3 days in July. I've never been to Barca before and I was wondering on your thoughts to what clubs and beaches suit a younger crowd. I am looking for something laid back and not to fancy. And any other tips on meeting younger women?

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